Apple WWDC 2014: OS X Mavericks sold over 40-million copies in 1st year


Prior to introducing to the world what would soon be known as OS X Yosemite, Tim Cook of Apple reflected on how successful last years rendition of the Mac computers operating system dubbed “OS X Mavericks” was.

Released on October 22 in 2014, OS X Mavericks has been installed in 50 percent of all Macs with 40 million copies being installed. In contrast, their competition in Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system for PC computer, is installed in only 14 percent of PC computers.

“We’re shipping the best Macs in history,” said Cook on the success of OS X Mavericks.

OS X Mavericks introduced several new features to the famed operating system which included tabs within Finder, introduced iBooks and Maps to the Mac computer, Tags, finally added multiple display support, iCloud Keychain, allowing the operating system to save information such as passwords and credit card numbers, in-notification replies (something that has been long needed on iOS), automatic application updates, and implemented a notifications system similar to that of the iPhone.

Another huge feature was the “App Nap” that allowed users to conserve energy by hiding apps and downsizing what those apps do while not in use.

With the success seen with OS X Mavericks, the same should be expected as they introduce OS X Yosemite to the world.