Apple WWDC Keynote speech live stream: Watch iOS 8 annoucement online


Apple is set to give a big keynote speech today at the Worldwide Developers Conference and many believe that it’s going to be a really big event. We actually already know it’s going to be a somewhat significant event as Apple will be live streaming the keynote on their official website which is usually only reserved for big announcements and unveilings.

That’s what has many wondering if this will see something like the next generation of MacBooks unveiled or possibly even the iPhone 6. Of course simply announcing the next generation of software and operating systems is big enough to warrant a live stream of the keynote but fans of Apple will be holding out hope that there is more to it than that.

Apple showing off our first look at the new operating systems is going to be pretty juicy though, as this will be our first look at both the OS X 10.10 for MacBooks as well as the new mobile iOS 8 which will no doubt be featured on the new iPhone 6 whenever it is released.

This is just an announcement though, not an event in which you will be able to download the new operating systems right away. Rather that will come later this year and that is the primary many believe that this announcement will be the first major step towards being introduced to the iPhone 6 later on this summer or fall.

So where can you watch this event? We have all the information you need right here.

Date: Monday, June 2nd
Start Time: 1:00pm ET/10:00am PST
Event: WWDC Apple Keynote Speech
Live Stream: Feed 1