Derek Jeter wants to own a Major League team someday

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /

Once his playing days are behind, Derek Jeter plans to take this whole ‘Captain’ thing to another level.

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It appears that Jeter is not interested in some of the common post-playing options after he concludes his final season with the New York Yankees. Broadcasting? Unlikely, as his takes aren’t nearly hot enough. Coach? Possibly, but unless he could manage that might not be a prominent enough role. Front office? Getting warmer, though Jeter has his sights set even higher.

The Captain wants to be a team owner once his playing days are over. Jeter said as much at a charity event this past weekend (quotes from the New York Daily News):

"“Yup, that’s the next goal, buddy,” said Jeter. “Calling the shots, not answering to someone.”What kind of owner would Jeter be? “A good one. I’d like to think I’d be a good one,” he said."

Jeter also said that while he learned a lot from George Steinbrenner, he would do his best to avoid generating so many back-page headlines.

"“I’d probably be a little bit more behind the scenes than The Boss,” Jeter said Sunday, referring to late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. “But I learned a lot of great things from him.”"

But if you’re looking for the money quote from Jeter, it’s right here. When asked if he would ever want to be a manager, here is the actual response he gave:

"“Why not managing? Too much travel, bro.”"

Jeter will likely have to work his way up to at least gain some experience before he ever owns a team. If he does reach this goal, he would surely be obsessive about putting a winning product on the field from the start.

Because if there’s anything Jeter cannot imagine, it’s a franchise that’s rebuilding.