Alleged Sean Taylor murder mastermind now on trial


Sean Taylor’s family has had to wait a long time for justice after Taylor was killed in a burglary of his Miami home. Seven years later, they may finally be getting some more of it.

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According to the Miami Herald, the alleged mastermind of the robbery will stand on trial today to answer for his role in the crime that resulted in Taylor losing his life.

Jason Mitchell has already confessed to having a role in the robbery and now it will be up to a jury of his peers to decide whether Mitchell was the brains behind the operation or not. The suspected shooter in the case, Eric Rivera, is already serving over 57 years in prison as being the one found primarily responsible for shooting Taylor. One has to wonder if that sentence will serve as the bar for Mitchell’s own sentencing, should he be found guilty.

Mitchell had apparently attended a birthday party at Taylor’s house at an undisclosed time before the robbery. He saw Taylor’s sister receive $10,000 in cash among other gifts, then hatched the idea for a robbery. His shoes matched the sole pattern found in the house, and he then confessed his role in the crime after being detained. There are three others still awaiting trial on the case.

As Pro Football Talk notes in addition to the case, this timetable could very well give us the parameters for how long it may take Aaron Hernandez to get into a court case of his own. It’s certainly a slow process, but when 50+ years of jail are on the line, you can’t blame all parties involved for their due diligence. Hopefully now, more of those responsible for the senseless, tragic death of Sean Taylor can be brought to justice if they are proven to be a part of this mess.