Brandon Workman suspended six games


Boston Red Sox’s pitcher, Brandon Workman, received a six game suspension and an undisclosed fine on Tuesday in result of intentionally throwing a pitch at Tampa Bay Rays’ Evan Longoria last Friday. The announcement was made by senior vice president of standards and operations for Major League Baseball, Joe Garagiola Jr.

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Workman’s suspension will begin tonight as long as no appeal is made. The Red Sox are in the middle of a series against the Cleveland Indians. If an appeal is indeed made, the suspension will be postponed until the appeals process is complete.

Workman never actually hit Longoria as the pitch went behind him. However, both teams had already been warned after David Price hit David Ortiz on the hip with a pitch earlier in the game. Price then proceeded to hit Mike Carp on the hand, however was not ejected from the game due to the umpires believing it to be unintentional.

Price has not received any discipline at this point in time.

In defense of the throw, Workman said. “The ball was slick and it slipped out of my hand.”

Workman is scheduled to start for the Red Sox tomorrow against Cleveland. An appeal would be a smart move if he wants to play this game and begin his suspension after the appeal process is complete.