Cam Newton challenges Richard Sherman to a game of Madden

Photo Credit: EA Sports
Photo Credit: EA Sports /

The Madden NFL 15 cover vote has come down to two bona-fide superstars; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton takes on Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in the final round of the cover vote.

Today, Newton issued a challenge to Sherman to play him in Madden in an epic video. Check out the trash talking from Newton below:

Newton opens up the video re-enacting Sherman’s epic tirade at the end of last year’s NFC Championship game. Newton claims he is the best Madden player in the entire NFL, and he is ready to prove it.

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While we wait for Sherman’s epic reaction, because we all know that everything Sherman does is over the top and epic, Cam is also offering to play anyone on any system that believes they are good enough to defeat him.

The question is, are you the Madden aficionado that can dethrone Cam? Are you a guru of video games man enough to challenge the great Newton?

If you are, then all you have to do is send Cam a message on his Twitter or Instagram with your gamertag and console of choice. Supposedly, Cam will accept your challenge and proceed to dominate you in a game of virtual football.

Now get out there and start playing Cam Newton. Will you be the first to defeat him?