David Ortiz furious that David Price was not disciplined

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After the continuation of a growing feud between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays this past weekend, Brandon Workman earned himself a suspension for throwing at Evan Longoria.

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In that same game Rays’ starter David Price hit Red Sox slugger David Ortiz in the first inning and Mike Carp in the fourth, at which point warnings were issued to both teams. Of course one could have argued that the warnings should have been issued before the game even started after the benches cleared in the previous series between the two teams. Anyhow, while Workman was ejected and then suspended, there was no discipline for Price.

In the eyes of Ortiz, that’s not right. He said so, and a whole lot more, to reporters on Tuesday. From WEEI.com:

"“I don’€™t even know what to say, you know? I mean, he started everything up and we’€™ve got to pay for it, basically. €œThat’€™s the message that I’€™m getting, right? I don’€™t have any answer about that, but it’€™s like I say, way too much evidence now that he hit me on purpose, and the funny thing is that we are the ones that are getting fines, suspensions, all kind of stuff. I guess the rules are not for everyone.”"

Price had words for Ortiz as well, saying that the man known as Big Papi thinks he’s “bigger than the game” and that there is no war between the two teams.

While I think everybody can agree with Price that this is not war, based mostly on the fact that the word should never be used in this trivial context, it does seem a bit lopsided that he saw no discipline for plunking two Red Sox hitters. That should only throw more gas on the fire the next time these teams meet.