NBA Rumors: Utah Jazz expected to keep Gordon Hayward


The NBA Draft is just around the corner and teams are starting to not only look at prospects they want to take a chance on in the draft, but are also looking at their currently constructed roster to see if they have any assets to help them move up or acquire younger talent.

One of these teams is the Utah Jazz, who are looking to move up from where they are at NO. 5 in the lottery to possibly take someone like Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid. One of the assets they have to trade — and perhaps their most attractive asset at the moment — is Gordon Hayward who is again subject of trade rumors.

But according to Jazz beat writer Tony Jones from the Salt Lake Tribune, don’t put a lot of money on Hayward being moved before the draft as he’s expected to be a part of the team’s future moving forward.

This is good news for Jazz fans as the team is clearly rebuilding but can’t afford to dump everything overboard in the process. Hayward seems to be happy in Utah and that’s something the Jazz need not take lightly considering how bad the team has been.

Still, if they are truly all in on this rebuilding thing, then trading Hayward to possibly acquire yet another first-rounder or to move into a position to draft Parker may be a possibility.