Larry Brown not interested in Los Angeles Lakers job

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports
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Larry Brown has been rumored to be in the discussion for the Lakers job, but he said outright he wants to stay at SMU. Things can always change, though it seems unlikely in this case, because there are six other known candidates who are presumably interested in the job.

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There have been reports that Lakers reached out to Brown about becoming their head coach, but no matter who reached out to who and what was said, it appears that Brown isn’t really all that interested in coaching the Lakers.

Brown talked to USA TODAY Sports and noted that while he keeps in touch with Mitch Kupchak, that doesn’t mean he’s going to come and work for him.

"“I’ve always kept in touch with Mitch; I admire the hell out of him. I talk to Mitch all the time. … (But) we’re not talking about coaching the Lakers. I’ve read some of the names. They’ve got a long list of good people to choose from, and I’m here at SMU. I want to win a national championship.”"

The discussions clearly didn’t go very far, and Brown said that he has not officially been considered a candidate. He insinuated that Mitch Kupchak was simply been testing the waters — which, as mentioned, were pretty cold.

Brown reiterated that he doesn’t wish ill-will against the Lakers, rather he just doesn’t feel he’s the man for the job.

"“I’d love to see (the Lakers) get a great coach, because I love Mitch and I love that franchise. But I’m thrilled where I am. I feel so fortunate I’ve had this chance.”"

If Brown was on their list, the Lakers can go ahead and cross him off it.