New Orleans Pelicans say Anthony Davis is bulking up

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports /

Anthony Davis is eating his Wheaties and thickening up. Davis has already put on seven pounds and is growing into his frame as an NBA forward.

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The 21-year-old has always had a frame that matched his game. He’s light of foot and uses space well, but sometimes requires too much space. Williams admitted that he has not yet put the physical change to use yet. But perhaps it means that Davis’ 20-and-10 numbers are going to get a significant boost next season.

Head coach Monty Williams’ will likely see how he can throw around Davis’ weight on the court this offseason, and it should mean an expanded role for the young center and forward come next season.


"“He’s just naturally getting bigger. It’s weird seeing him. He’s put on some muscle. I’m not going to be cracking a lot (skinny) jokes about him anymore. Before I could just put him down, now I’m like you have to be messing with my wife and kids for me to attack him now. He’s put on some muscle. I didn’t think he would be that much different but he looks different.”"

Davis was not a particularly efficient shooter with a 51.9 shot percent on 15.0 shots per game. With a little more weight and muscle, Davis can have a stronger interior presence and take more shots near the rim, which hopefully means more shots and a higher shooting percentage — though there’s no reliable correlation between weight and efficiency. With the bigger frame, Davis should see a boost in his rebounding and blocking stats, too.

He isn’t going to turn into Dwight Howard overnight and he likely never will. But Davis’ already impressive physique is one of his most intriguing qualities, and the wheels are turning inside Monty Williams’ head on how to get Davis more touches.