Dwyane Wade spins and finishes in traffic (GIF)

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With rather a creative take on what it means to keep one’s pivot foot, Dwyane Wade finished a tough spinning lay-up and offered one of the highlights of the night in game one of the 2014 NBA Finals.

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First Wade left behind Marco Belinelli and then he lofted a shot high over the outstretched arms of Tim Duncan. Whether there were steps or not (which there were, but it’s the NBA, so you know) this was a darn impressive play from the veteran star.

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Wade was the key player for the Heat for much of the first three quarters of this opening game. As the 3rd quarter drew to a close, he was second to LeBron James for points on the Heat with 17.

When Wade is dialed in and prominently involved as he is in this game, you can count on a lot of things. Wade will make some mid-range jumpers. He will show some serious creativity with the ball and find ways to get in the paint. And finally, he will absolutely wear out the poor kids who wipe the sweat off the floor, because if you look at DWade the wrong way he will hit that floor like he was shot.

There is a whole lot of experience on the floor at any given time during these finals. Wade accounts for much of it, and he has looked like it with some sweet plays so far with the NBA Finals underway.