Mickey Foley talks about his wrestling career, comedy tour


In another example of a former workhorse of the wrestling industry continuing to have input on “the business” and new outside ventures, (think Jim Ross) the hardcore legend Mick Foley recently conducted an interview with PWMania.com to discuss his wrestling career and making a foray onto a different stage. Comedy.

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The interview kicks off with the focus first on his new career in comedy and his inspiration for getting involved in that world:

"I try to nip the idea of standup at the start because wrestling fans are interested in hearing me tell stories about my career. They’re not interested in hearing me tell setups and punch lines. So the inspiration came from the very first day that I read the first chapter out loud to some of my co-workers in the dressing room. Once I found out that I could get the same reaction from listeners that which I thrived on in front of wrestling fans, I realized I may have an entirely new way of connecting with an audience."

If of course doesn’t take long to get to the subject of wrestling, and it’s no surprise that part of his inspiration for comedy came from the wrestling world. WWE fans remember his many years of taking catastrophic bumps and through all that, still making room for humor and jokes through his characters.

Speaking of his wrestling character, Foley talks about reenacting a WWE segment with John Cena on stage at his shows:

"I already have a commitment from John Cena, Sr. (WWE superstar’s father) who is going to help me reenact one of the greatest or worst moments in WWE history, depending on how you look at it, and that is the This is Your Life: John Cena."

Foley also describes the challenges of performing his comedy towards a non-wrestling audience:

"I’ll really just tell entertaining stories about fascinating people. I’ll preface names by introducing Vince McMahon as the benevolent billionaire who owns WWE. Or occasionally if there’s a crowd chant, I’ll just look at the fans and say “…I have no idea how to explain that.”"

Check out the full interview in the link below.