NBA rumors: Andrew Bynum wants to rejoin Lakers

Andrew Bynum has had an unsuccessful career since leaving the Los Angeles Lakers, but as he searches for a new team for next season he is hoping to reignite his career by trading in the Indiana Pacers blue and yellow for the purple and gold.

In a recent video that was posted by TMZ, Bynum said that he would like to rejoin the Lakers.

From the TMZ exchange:

Paparazzo: “Where are you hoping to land?”
Bynum: “I don’t know.” (inaudible)
Paparazzo: “Your home is in L.A. Would you like to come back to L.A. or what?”
Bynum: “That would be great. Come back home.”
Paparazzo: “Clippers or Lakes?”
Bynum: “Lakers”
Paparazzo: “You’d rather be with the Lakers?”
Bynum: “Yup.”

Despite all of his knee injuries and the whirlwind couple of years since leaving Los Angeles, Bynum is still a very young player at 26 years old and he has the 7-foot frame that teams covet in the post.

If a player like Kwame Brown can get multiple shots, you would have to believe a lot of teams will consider still adding Bynum.

However, with the way things ended last time, it would be a surprise if the Lakers were one of those teams that would be interested in bringing the big man on board.