Houston Texans sign Jadeveon Clowney


The Houston Texans had the first ocverall pick in this year’s draft and while there was drama about who they would take and what they’d do with the pick, the ultimately went wit the safe bet everyone assumed they’d go with and drafted Jadeveon Clowney.

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The task of landing the best prospect in the draft didn’t end with merely selecting him as the Texans then had to sign hi to his first NFL contract and make sure everything was running smoothly behind the scenes. It appears that has all been checked out and Clowney is officially ready to start his NFL career.

According to Houston Texans beat writer John McClain, the Texans have signed the No. 1 overall pick int he draft and have locked down Jadeveon Clowney to a rookie contract.

It’s not as though there was much drama attached to the signing as Clowney really had not other choice than to sign and more importantly he had no reason not to want to sign. Being the first overall pick in the draft means he’s the richest rookie of his class and being that he’s now on the Texans defense and at the disposal of Romeo Crennel, he’s already in a good position to further his riches.

Houston is counting on Clowney to make their defense an immovable object capable of stopping any force that tries to come at it. Now that he’s locked in with the Texans, Clowney will be focusing on creating a three headed monster with J.J. Watt and Brian Cushing that could very well become one of the best defensive units we’ve seen in a very long time.