Gregg Popovich hates three-point shots


Hey you! Yeah, you kids. Get off of Gregg Popovich’s lawn with your fancy pants cellphones, and Playbox 360DS machines, and air conditioning, and three point shots!

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Yes, Gregg Popovich loathes the three point shot.

“I hate it. To me, it’s not basketball…it feels like cheating,” said Popovich to reporters, on how the three-point shot has changed the game.

This may have been a bit of a trap question, as Popovich is 65 years old, and most fans, and nearly all NBA players couldn’t fathom the sport without the three point shot. The NBA adopted the three-point shot in 1979, although many viewed it as simply a gimmick.

Ironically, it was the three-point shot that helped the San Antonio Spurs take an early lead in this year’s NBA Finals. Even though Popovich has coached in the NBA since 1988 with the use of the rule, his views remain unchanged.

Despite his incredibly, outrageously, totally outdated opinion, Gregg Popovich is undoubtedly one of the top coaches of this era— or an era, for that matter. He’s helped lead the San Antonio Spurs to an unbelievable six conference championships and four NBA titles in the past 15 years.

But for now, please don’t disturb Popovich. He’s busy watching Matlock.