Miscommunication resulted in Phillies accidentally trading Domingo Santana

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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How does it happen that a major league baseball organization accidentally trades away a player they wanted to keep? Just ask the Philadelphia Phillies, because they did it.

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The accidental trade actually went down three years ago but only recently came to light (and you really can’t blame the Phillies for trying to cover it up, embarrassing as it is). In a deal many will remember, the Astros sent Hunter Pence to Philadelphia for Jon Singleton, Jarred Cosart, Josh Zeid and a player to be named later.

As per the usual procedure in such cases, the Phillies sent the Astros a list of players to be named later for them to choose from. Top Phillies prospect Domingo Santana was on the list and the Astros plucked him.

Only problem? Santana was not supposed to be on the list.

According to Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle, a miscommunication of some sort resulted in Santana mistakenly being offered up to Houston. The Astros are very happy about that mistake, now that Santana has become one of their top triple-A hitting prospects.

Oh, and the other guys in that trade have turned out pretty well for Houston too. And Hunter Pence? He is no longer with the Phillies.

And you thought Philadelphia’s massive dysfunction was a recent development? You thought wrong. The Phillies have been a giant cluster for awhile now. Great job Phillies. You really run a tight ship over there.

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