NBA Finals: Spurs fan trolls LeBron James with hilarious sign (Photo)


The NBA Finals are well underway in San Antonio but while we’re already into the second game of the series, the biggest story so far has been not that the Spurs seem to be the more dominant team early on, it’s that LeBron James couldn’t handle the heat and cramped up at the end of Game 1.

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James cramped so bad that he said afterwords the pain was a ’10 out of 10′, but that hasn’t stopped Spurs fans from trolling him hard because of his early exit. When it happened, we saw a trend on social media begin in which fans showed themselves #LeBroning — which was showing yourself getting carried by two people.

As cute as that was, Spurs fans at Game 2 aren’t about to let LeBron forget his cramps and this brilliant sign trolled LeBron in the best way yet.

We’re just two games into this series and things can change rather quickly when we’re talking about Miami — specifically because they have the greatest basketball player on the planet playing for them.

But if he cramps up again, or even makes minor mistakes throughout the remainder of this series, we can likely expect the Spurs faithful to come down hard on LeBron like they have been so far.