World Cup 2014: Joe Hart says England is ready for Brazil


After a scoreless draw against Honduras, some people’s confidence in England is shaken heading into the World Cup. When they get to Brazil they’ll play in a group with some soccer heavyweights in Italy and Uruguay.

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Despite that less than impressive scoreline, England goalkeeper Joe Hart is declaring England ready.

“We had a good training camp and we’re ready now,” said Hart, via Sky Sports. “We got what we could out of it. We were always going to do that.

“We are working hard, we have worked hard every day on and off the field and we’ve given everything to be prepared.

“We feel good. We feel like we’re doing the right things.

“It’s great having Stevie [Gerrard] and Jordan [Henderson] and the various players screening us which is good, but I thought we looked dangerous going forward as well, which is a big positive.

“We feel like we’ve had a great three weeks together. We really feel like a team – a good strong English team going into a tournament with every chance to express ourselves and do well.”

England has to be ready regardless of whether or not they are because they’re headed to Brazil after a training camp in Miami, Florida. That camp in South Florida allowed the English team to acclimate themselves to the humidity and climate they’ll play in during the World Cup.