Alex Cobb will endorse padded caps for youth players

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
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Alex Cobb is approaching the one year anniversary of the most frightening moment of his career. That would be the day that he took a line drive to the head. That makes the timing fitting, in an odd way, of his endorsement of padded caps for youth baseball and softball players.

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According to William Weinbaum of ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Cobb is getting ready to endorse a padded insert for caps that can be worn by young players.

"4Licensing Corp., majority owner of manufacturer Pinwrest, announced plans for a Tuesday news conference to introduce Cobb as an endorser of its isoBLOX Skull Cap, made in three youth sizes and worn by boys and girls under adjustable or stretch caps. The product was released last month with a price of $59.99 at exclusive retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods."

Cobb provided the following explanation for why he wanted to be involved with this project:

"“I want to be a part of the evolution toward introducing this successfully at the big league level and I think the best way to do it is by starting at youth ages.”"

Cobb is one of a number of pitchers who have participated in the initial stages of the process of creating approved padded caps for big league pitchers. Brandon McCarthy, another pitcher who was able to come back after a frightening comeback line drive to the head, tested a number of caps before this season started.

Part of the issue for big league pitchers is the discomfort they experienced while trying to adjust to the padded caps after pitching with normal caps for so many years. That part of the issue might be alleviated by having youth pitchers get used to the caps during their development. In the case of Cobb’s specific injury, he believes that approved padding might have lessened his injury. Now he will continue his part in the process of trying to help other pitchers in that regard.