Matt LeCroy says Nationals due to superstitious sandwich


The Washington Nationals manager Matt LeCroy is embracing superstitions after a hot streak has begun following him beginning to eat a banana and mayonnaise sandwich on white bread. Apparently a Southern delicacy, LeCroy decided to go with the sandwich and test its luck to help the Nationals out of a playing rut.

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“A lot of people were hurting in the beginning, and we needed some big wins so I thought, ‘I gotta go with the banana-and-mayonnaise,’” LeCroy said

The Nationals are now 5-0 on days that LeCroy eats the sandwich, a fact that he is incredibly proud of. Having eaten this sandwich his entire life growing up in South Carolina, he never ate it superstitiously until he became a minor league manager.

During his first year as Class A Hagerstown’s manager five years ago, LeCroy made the sandwich after suffering a string of losses. The tradition then continued during his time managing both Class A Potomac and Class AA Harrisburg.

“I always ate ‘em and everybody made fun of them,” LeCroy said. “It’s just kinda my go-to when we needed a win. I just started doing it, and it took off.”

Personally, the sandwich sounds disgusting but LeCroy is adamant that the sandwich is great. LeCroy does not eat the sandwich every day though. Only on those special days that the team really needs a boost.

Baseball has always been riddled with superstition and this is yet another example of these following suit and “working” for baseball players and managers alike.