WWE rumors: The Miz returning with Ric Flair next week?


The Miz returned to WWE live events in the United States this weekend and Ric Flair has now passed WWE medical tests.

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Rumor has it that Flair will return to television full-time very soon, and that return may come as soon as RAW next week emanating from Cleveland, Ohio. Reports say that Flair will be working with The Miz in a managerial type role, so a return to WWE in his hometown of Cleveland with Flair in tow is a very logical move.

Miz was held off of RAW this week, possibly awaiting Flair’s return to the company.

What may deter WWE from debuting Flair with Miz next week is the fact that Miz has been working as a heel during live events, so returning to his hometown would obviously garner him a warm Cleveland babyface reception.

Reports describe Miz playing the “Hollywood heel” type role and cut “good” to “really great” promos about being a big movie star and better than everyone else. Miz’s hiatus is due to filming “The Marine 4”.

The Miz’s babyface run never panned out to be anything spectacular. WWE tried to get his talk show “MizTV” to take off, but crowds were mostly very bored. He seemed to rarely perform in-ring outside of these segments and guest commentating.

The Miz rose to the top of the company a few years back as a heel with major heat, and most feel this is where is best work was. That was the persona that got him the Money in the Bank briefcase and subsequent cash-in down the line, defeating Randy Orton for the WWE Championship and holding onto it all the way to main event WrestleMania 27 against John Cena.

The Miz was considered to be one of the best on the mic as a heel despite not being the best in-ring performer. Being paired with Flair should elevate his game back to where it was, or better. The two have worked together in the past, and is why Miz adopted the Figure Four Leglock into his moveset.