Boris Diaw gets past Dwyane Wade for the layup (GIF)

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Quick: who’s more athletic, Boris Diaw or Dwyane Wade?

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Given the endless jokes about Diaw and his physical stature, it would seem obvious that the answer is the more chiseled and once astoundingly athletic Wade. Then again, Wade has been a shade of his former self due to injuries and he was forced to sit out about a third of the regular season (by design).

Whatever the correct answer to that question is, perhaps the state of the NBA Finals cannot be summed up any better than by the following sentence to describe the GIF provided below.

Watch here as Boris Diaw gets past Dwyane Wade and makes the off-balance lay-up.

Boris-Diaw-layup /

Diaw, who is on pace for a double-double in this pivotal game four, has been a key player for the Spurs in this series. His ability as a big man to handle the ball, drive into the lane, and make precise passes to open shooters has been key for the Spurs as they have started to separate themselves from the Heat.

It is jarring to look at this highlight and understand what is happening, but the fact is that the Spurs have much better players than anybody on the Heat not named LeBron James. Yes, that even means Diaw as he splits Wade and Chris Bosh to finish at the rim.