Chicago White Sox sign Olympic speed skater Eddy Alvarez


The Chicago White Sox have signed Olympic speed skater Eddy Alvarez to a major league contract this week.

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Alvarez, who won a silver medal in the 5,000 meter relay of short track speed skating in the 2014 Sochi Games, has always had a passion for baseball as well. His two dreams in life were to make an Olympic team and to play professional baseball. His dreams came true this week.

Alvarez even shared a video of him signing the contract to his Instagram account:

When asked where his love of baseball stemmed from, he simply stated that it had always been around him in one form or another.

"“Baseball’s just something that’s always been a part of my family,” he said. “My dad did it, my brother did it, I grew up doing it. It was before skating, too. I was 2 years old and already swinging bats and throwing balls. I knew that was something that I was going do.”"

Alvarez played baseball in high school and after graduation decided to focus on his speed skating. In 2011, he joined the Salt Lake Community College team where he had a .311/.390/.478 slash line and led the Scenic West Athletic Conference with 16 doubles. He had two homers, four triples, 46 RBIs and seven steals in 63 games. He also earned a spot on the all-conference team along with a nomination as a Junior College All-American.

"“I just have a love for that sport and a passion,” he said. “Just as much as I have a love and passion for skating. It’s something I’ve always wanted to fall back on and we’ll see what happens.”"