Empire State Building lights up for Rangers win in Game 4


After being on the brink of elimination, the New York Rangers took the win on Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Kings during the Stanley Cup Finals.

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The win has breathed new life into fans around the country, but most importantly into those in their home town of New York City.

In celebration of the win, the Empire State Building lit up in support of the team. Having the support of one of the cities most iconic buildings in town and having it lit up in Rangers colors is an amazing scene to show the franchise the city has their back. The Rangers shared a photo of it on their Instagram account:

One of the main driving forces for the Rangers was not wanting to be swept out of the series in addition to seeing the cup brought out on their ice for a rival team. Goalie Henrik Lundqvist agreed, stating, “We didn’t want to see the Cup come out on our ice tonight. Just the thought of that makes me sick.”

The series is now at 3-1 and the Rangers will need to win the remaining games to take home the Stanley Cup.

It will be an incredible battle to make it to Game 7, however many of the players are confident that it can happen. “We just need to come out with our best effort of the series,” Drew Doughty said. “If we do, I’m pretty confident that we’ll win that game.”

This is not the first time the building has shown support. A similar lighting was done during Game 2 after a Rangers goal. The Rangers shared the scene on their Twitter account: