Fantasy Baseball Stats: Daily All-Stars from June 11


Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The stars dominated on Wednesday, meaning they dominated the fantasy baseball stats. Three of the four spots on today’s countdown belong to top-tier pitchers. The one exception is one of the game’s best offensive players.

But we start with one of the game’s best, most dominant arms.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats MVP

Yu Darvish — Texas Rangers

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Three walks is a bit too high, but that’s being exceptionally picky. He was dominant against the Marlins on Wednesday, handing the fish their first interleague play loss since last August.

Darvish has been one of the best pitchers in the game all year. Even better for fantasy owners, the 1.13 WHIP is good, but it leaves some room for improvement. Darvish improving is downright frightening.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats Honorable Mentions

1. Cole Hamels — Philadelphia Phillies

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If only the Phillies could have scored a run before the last inning and earned a win for Hamels, the race for the top spot today would have been even tighter. As it is, Darvish picked up the nod pretty much on a tiebreaker.

Still, Hamels was absolutely brilliant on Wednesday. A skeptic could point out that it came against the light-hitting Padres and while that’s certainly true, Cole has thrown seven or more innings in seven straight outings, whittling his ERA down from 7.02 to 3.07 in the process. Not bad.

2. Masahiro Tanaka — New York Yankees

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How good has Tanaka been? Well, this start didn’t lower his ERA at all. He’s been arguably baseball’s best pitcher since the start of the season.

Fantasy owners could not have asked for more from him, as there isn’t a single stat that he’s not completely dominating right now.

3. Andrew McCutchen — Pittsburgh Pirates

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Cutch’s day kept Wednesday from being a clean sweep for the pitchers, as both Johnny Cueto and Phil Hughes easily could have earned recognition here today.

The Pirates have been a little slow to get going this year, but the reigning NL MVP is having a year very similar to what he did in 2013. Much like Tanaka with pitchers, there’s nothing McCutchen doesn’t do well.