Quintin Berry ejected and still runs the bases (Video)


We’ve had some memorable ejections over the years, mainly starring managers. Baseball, for as slow a game as it can be, gets just as emotionally intense as any other sport out there. Occasionally when there’s a call that is disagreed on, a baseball player or manager will be sure to let the umpire know how they feel about it.

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While nobody is exactly sure what Quintin Berry was disagreeing on, he certainly decided to let his thoughts on it felt, getting himself ejected. Berry didn’t agree with the ejection either and decided his response to it was going to be running around all of the bases and sliding into home. The strangeness of the ejection was just how subtle it was. Even the announcers were confused as to what was happening until Berry began walking towards the dugout when it became quite clear he had been ejected.

Berry is currently in the Orioles farm system playing for the Triple-A Norfolk Tides where he is currently hitting .313. Before this season Berry had been playing for the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers.

Maybe he’s taking out some of his frustrations of not being in the big leagues out on the umpire by choosing to show him up.

Either way it was very strange and there isn’t really an explanation as to how this kind of reaction helps Berry or his team. All the ejection did was force his manager to have to insert a new player for him. Based on the reaction of the announcers, this felt like it was typical behavior of his.