Mick Foley didn’t always believe in Luke Harper


Last week, Mick Foley posted a blog in which he praised the talents of WWE Superstar Luke Harper. However, Foley wasn’t entirely sold on the Wyatt Family member. In an interview with the Chad Dukes Radio Show, he touched on the subject.

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The multiple time WWE champion didn’t always see big things in the future for the Luke Harper, who went by the name “Brodie Lee” on the independent circuit. Foley thinks his look and name compare to that of wrestling legend Bruiser Brody.

Foley said the following on the radio show.

“I wasn’t sold on him. I wasn’t sold on the idea that they kept comparing him to Bruiser Brody, because Brody for the longtime wrestling fan was one of the great wrestlers of his era or of all time. But he was known as the intelligent monster and Harper was an out of control maniac. I think once you stop trying to imitate somebody and find your own way things really start clicking. So, I’ve been watching him and things have really been clicking and after the Wyatts have this amazing run, hopefully as long as possible, yeah, I do think he has what it takes to become a singles star.”

Foley, who has often been on the outs with the WWE, also spoke on a host of other topics, including the breakup on fan-favorite stable, The Shield, which grabbed headlines.

“I thought it was pretty cool, yeah! I didn’t see it coming and they had a long, a nice long run. Sometimes, and I’m not picking on other groups, but when I wrestled elsewhere for a couple of years it was almost as if they thought every person watching the show watched every episode and kept up on everything, and they would break up groups, literally within months, two or three months. ‘Yeah, they’ve been together long enough, time to break ’em up!’ These guys [the Shield] had been together for two years, the time was right; I think it gives Seth Rollins a chance to break out. He was almost like the forgotten member, even though he would steal shows. He wasn’t the crazy guy, like Ambrose, and he wasn’t the guy with the incredible physique, like Roman Reigns. So he tended to be forgotten. Evolution by the nature of its name should be constantly evolving, I think it was a good move, and I think he upped his stock.””

Foley recently declined to sign a new WWE Legends deal, because he wasn’t happy with the declining royalty payouts he was receiving.