NBA Finals: Tony Parker knows that Spurs’ championship window was supposed to be closed

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports
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Trivia question: how old is Tony Parker? If you don’t already know, it might be harder to guess than you think.

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With the Spurs on the brink of a potential NBA Championship in 2014, Parker remembers being asked about the end of the Spurs’ championship window for the last number of years. He doesn’t even find it unfair, even if he is just 32 years old.

As quoted by the San Antonio Express-News:

"“You’ve been saying that for the last seven, eight years, you know,” Parker said Saturday. “Every year the journalists keep saying the same stuff that we’ve done and it’s the last run. I totally understand. We’re getting older every year.”"

To be clear, Parker was 24 and 25 years old “seven or eight years ago.” It seems like even he knows that people assume he’s a lot older than he actually is, especially since he plays on the Spurs, a team we are quick to believe is “full of old guys” (also not really true).

Part of the reason it feels like Parker is so old is because of the way he has aged. As a player who is on the court year round thanks to his continued commitment to the French national team, Parker has a lot of miles on his legs and has dealt with some nagging injuries as a result.

As for the Spurs and their so-called window, they might be approaching the end of that window insofar as the Tim Duncan era is concerned. But here’s betting that they crack another one wide open.