MLB Power Rankings Week 13: Stability at the top, chaos elsewhere

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports /

The elite teams in baseball are holding their ground. Even with some hiccups here and there, we have reached the point where the top teams in each league, teams like the Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants, Toronto Blue Jays, and Detroit Tigers (among others) have sustained great play for long enough that they have settled in at the top of the standings.

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After that, baseball is chaos. You can call it parity or you can call it mediocrity, but it is certainly entertaining. For example, the Kansas City Royals and Colorado Rockies were two teams that looked dead in recent weeks. Then they went on seven and five game winning streaks, respectively, and are right back in the thick of things.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are another example of why things are so crowded. For much of April and May they looked lifeless, but they now find themselves one game below the .500 mark and very much alive in the playoff picture.

With that, here are the MLB Power Rankings for Week 13 of the 2014 season.

Oakland Athletics
1.  Oakland A’s (42-27, no change) /

Run differential update: Oakland’s overall mark for the season now sits at an astounding +132. And they didn’t even get a bat thrown at one of their players this week so, you know, that’s a bonus.

San Francisco Giants
2. San Francisco Giants (43-27, no change) /
Toronto Blue Jays
3.  Toronto Blue Jays (41-30, no change) /


Los Angeles Angels
Los Angeles Angels /

Los Angeles Angels (37-31, no change)

Milwaukee Brewers
5.  Milwaukee Brewers (41-29, no change) /
Detroit Tigers
6.  Detroit Tigers (36-29, no change) /
St. Louis Cardinals
7.  St. Louis Cardinals (37-32, +1) /

Coming off an impressive sweep of the red-hot Washington Nationals this weekend, the Cardinals have maintained a winning record despite a depressing lack of offensive punch thus far. This is definitely a team to watch in the trade market. Thankfully for them, they dodged a bullet this week when Adam Wainwright‘s MRI on his pitching elbow came back clean. They will only be without him and his nasty stuff for one start.

wainwright-backdoor-curveball /
Washington Nationals
8.  Washington Nationals (35-33, -1) /
Los Angeles Dodgers
9.   Los Angeles Dodgers (37-34, no change) /
Atlanta Braves
10.  Atlanta Braves (36-32, no change) /
Baltimore Orioles
11.  Baltimore Orioles (35-33, +5) /
Miami Marlins
12.  Miami Marlins (35-33, no change) /
New York Yankees
13.  New York Yankees (31-31, +1) /
Kansas City Royals
14.  Kansas City Royals (36-32, +5) /

Are the Royals finally proving people right? Is this a playoff-worthy team when it hits? Is this finally happening?

Seattle Mariners
15. Seattle Mariners (35-34, -4) /
Cleveland Indians
16.  Cleveland Indians (35-35, -1) /
Cincinnati Reds
17.  Cincinnati Reds (33-35, no change) /
Texas Rangers
18.  Texas Rangers (34-35, -5) /
Colorado Rockies
19.  Colorado Rockies (34-35, +2) /
Pittsburgh Pirates
20.  Pittsburgh Pirates (34-35, +3) /

The Pirates keep climbing, providing some hope that they can follow up last season’s playoff run. The promotion of Gregory Polanco was the big story this week, and the young outfielder has already been remarkably impressive.

gregory-polanco-first-hit /


Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins /

Minnesota Twins (32-35 +1)

Chicago White Sox
22.  Chicago White Sox (33-37, -4) /
Boston Red Sox
23.  Boston Red Sox (31-38, -3) /
New York Mets
24.  New York Mets (31-38, no change) /


Houston Astros
Houston Astros /

Houston Astros (32-39, +2)

Is this too low? It very well might be, but it takes time to complete the transition to a mode of thinking where the Astros aren’t a joke. The fact is, they have good young pitching and good young hitters and those guys are finally starting to provide moments of excitement like this one from Jon Singleton.

singleton-home-run /
San Diego Padres
26.  San Diego Padres (29-40, -1) /
Philadelphia Phillies
27.  Philadelphia Phillies (29-38, -1) /
Chicago Cubs
28.  Chicago Cubs (28-39, no change) /
Arizona Diamondbacks
29.  Arizona Diamondbacks (30-42, no change) /
Tampa Bay Rays
30. Tampa Bay Rays (27-43, no change) /