WWE RAW results, live blog (June 16, 2014): Who’s next for Money in the Bank?

WWE RAWPhoto Credit: WWE.com
WWE RAWPhoto Credit: WWE.com /

It’s Monday night once again, which means that it’s time for another edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. This week’s show will be emanating live from Cleveland, Ohio, which has raised some interesting questions about this week’s episode.

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With this being the hometown of the Miz, and also with him being finished filming his latest movie, there’s been some widespread speculation that we could see his return to the company this evening.

But, it doesn’t end there.

With Ric Flair reportedly being cleared to return to full-time work recently, and WWE wanting to give him a bigger role within the company, there’s been talk that Flair could be on the Miz’s side on Monday night, should the return happen.

Will it be to form a new faction, or will it just be the two of them on their own?

Also on Monday, we should get a lot more development in the ongoing storyline with the Shield, Seth Rollins and Triple H. Last week, we got some solid stuff from everyone involved, especially Rollins who more than delivered in his first true promo as a heel.

Finally, there are just a few spots left for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match at Money in the Bank. Will those slots be filled on Monday night?

Be sure to stick here throughout the day for updated news about Monday’s show, and join us back here at 8 PM as we’ll have up-to-the-second live coverage of the June 16 edition of RAW.

Will Flair return tonight? What’s next for the Shield and Rollins?

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UPDATE: On the RAW pre-show it was announced that Cody Rhodes will be Goldust’s partner for the night, however he will now be billed as Stardust. Okay then.


The show starts off with all the superstars on the stage as HHH and Stephanie make their entrance. Stephanie pats Seth Rollins on the shoulder as they make their way through.

The belts hang  over the ring as Stephanie starts it off. She says that she wants all the superstars to know that they care. After Hunter speaks about the WHC, Steph says that the title makes you immortalized, like her husband.

She runs down Daniel Bryan and apologizes to the stars that he represented them.

Triple H and Stephanie announce that everyone on the stage will compete in a Battle Royal tonight, however Triple H says that the Shield are exempt from the Battle Royal, as well as John Cena.

He tells Cena that since he likes to help people so much, he can help them tonight. If he wins a stretcher match against Kane, then he’ll be in the Money in the Bank match for the title. Shortly after, an ambulance makes its way to the entrance area.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

In case anyone was wondering, they still haven’t changed Rollins’ music yet.

The two start out trading hammer locks and Ziggler gets the best of it. A loud “Let’s go Ziggler” chant breaks out. Quickly, though, Rollins gets back on top and starts pummeling him in the corner.

Ziggler gets back up and makes the comeback, sending Rollins to the outside. After he gets back into the ring, he takes Dolph over with a head lock.

Back from commercial, Rollins gets a two count and then Ziggler counters, taking him to the corner and nailing some right hands.

When Rollins tries to come back, Ziggler hits him with an amazing DDT, but can’t get the three.

After some back and forth, Ziggler his the Fameasser but again he can’t get the pinfall.

Right after Rollins hits the curb stomp, Dean Ambrose hits the ring and starts destroying him! He gets the mic and says that he wants Rollins right now.

HHH shows up on the titantron and says that he’s got some “Bad News” for him if he wants to fight, and out comes Barrett.

Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose

Right back from commercial, Ambrose is beating the pulp out of Barrett.

Eventually, Barrett gets the upper hand on Ambrose and starts kneeing him in the corner. But Ambrose explodes out of the corner and sends Barrett to the outside. While outside the ring, he tosses Barrett into the steel steps.

But, back inside, Ambrose is seated on the top rope and Barrett clotheslines him right off and onto the floor. On the floor, Ambrose is selling the shoulder big time. He tries to get back in the ring, but Barrett knocks him off the apron.

Barrett makes his way outside and works the shoulder a bit more and they cut to commercial.

Back from the break, Barrett is still preventing Ambrose from getting in the ring. He goes back to the outside and starts working on him some more.

In the ring, Ambrose makes the comeback and nails some shots on Barrett in the corner, then follows that up with a tornado DDT from the turnbuckle, but Barrett kicks out.

Bad News gets back on the offensive and hits Winds of Change, but he can only get the two. He goes for Wasteland, but Ambrose counters.

Rollins shows up on the announce table and then gets on the apron, but Ambrose knocks him off.

He and Rollins start fighting into the crowd and Ambrose gets counted out.

While Barrett celebrates, Ambrose hits him from behind and hits Dirty Deeds. Oh, and they gave Ambrose his own music now, apparently.

Winner: Bad News Barrett via countout

Bray Wyatt Promo: Wyatt cuts a promo about power. He says that it will be the downfall of all mankind as we know it. At Money in the Bank, he says the Usos are going to get destroyed by Rowan and Harper.

He then calls the title hanging above the ring his absolution and the change that everyone has been praying for. After leading the whole crowd in “He’s got the Whole World,” out comes Sheamus who cuts one of his usual, boring promos.

Bray Wyatt vs. Sheamus

After circling each other for a few, they start trading blows with Wyatt eventually getting the better of the exchange. Sheamus gets the upper hand eventually and starts to hit uppercuts in the corner.

Wyatt turns the tables and gets Sheamus in the corner with some knee shots. He goes for a suplex in the center of the ring, but the Irishman counters and hits him with one of his own, followed by an elbow to the back of the neck and a neck breaker.

Bray comes off the ropes but Sheamus gets him with an ax handle. He goes to the top and hits a flying forearm, but only gets a one count.

While on the outside, Sheamus gets surrounded by the entire Wyatt family, but here come the Usos for help.

Back from the break, Wyatt gets the better of Sheamus. When he goes for Sister Abigail, Sheamus counters with elbows and gets him on the apron for the forearm shots. He goes for White Noise, but Wyatt gets out of it and hits an uppercut. Sheamus quickly back on the offensive, though, but as he goes for the Brogue Kick, the Family interferes.

This prompts the Usos to get involved, because of course.

Rowan and Harper toss a ladder into the ring. Sheamus hits Bray with a rolling senton on the floor, while the Usos take care of Rowan and Harper.

Winner: Sheamus via DQ

Back from commercial, Heath Slater is in the ring awaiting the arrival of Rusev.

Rusev vs. Heath Slater

In the ring, Lana tells the crowd to shut up and listen. She talks to the Americans about how insecure they are.

Slater tries his best, but Rusev makes quick work, once again.

Winner: Rusev

Fandango vs. Adam Rose (Kevin Hart on commentary)

Summer Rae is in the corner of Rose, while Layla is with Fandango. All things considered, Hart isn’t all that bad with Cole and the rest of the team.

Just a few minutes into the match, Adam Rose gets the win and celebrates with the Rosebuds.

Kevin Hart gets into the ring and celebrates too. He starts dancing with Rose and then does the crowd surf off of the apron and gets carried to the back!

Pretty awesome segment for the guest host. We’ve definitely seen worse.

Battle Royal to determine Money in the Bank participant

All the men are in the ring, except for Roman Reigns, who made his way through the crowd with a revamped version of the Shield’s music.

Eventually, it comes down to Reigns and Rusev. Early on, Rusev gets the better of the exchange, hitting a splash on Reigns in the corner.

Reigns comes back, though, and gets Rusev reeling on the apron. He hits the Superman punch to knock him off!

Winner: Roman Reigns

Goldust and Stardust (Cody) vs. RybAxel

This was just a bizarre sight to see, but just a few minutes into the match, Cody actually gets the pinfall. So, it appears that they’re going to run with this.

John Cena vs. Kane (Stretcher Match)

Cena gets off to the fast start against the monster, but that didn’t work out for too long. Kane goes on the offensive and starts pummeling Cena as the crowd sounds off.

Kane gets him on the outside and starts tossing him into the steel steps, continuing the onslaught. He just methodically starts to take him apart, until Cena hits an elbow and tosses Kane’s face into the steps.

The Big Red Monster gets back in control and gets Cena on the stretcher, but he can’t get him back to the ambulance. They cut to commercial.

Back from commercial, Kane continues to take Cena out, hitting him with a chair a few times before tossing him back into the ring.

When he goes to whip Cena into the corner, Cena reverses and buys himself some time. He tries to come off the top, but Kane catches him with a choke slam. He goes to the outside and brings the steps into the ring.

He goes to hit Cena with the steps, but Cena takes his legs out and Kane’s head hits the steps as he goes down. He lefts Kane up for an AA on the steps, but Kane counters and hits him with a DDT. Kane rolls Cena out of the ring and gets him on the stretcher, but Cena rolls off.

John starts to come back at Kane with right hands and then slams him into the post. That doesn’t last too long, though, as Kane reverses and then strips the announcers table.

Cena reverses and hits an AA on Kane through the table and Michael Cole, for some reason, screams like a 13-year-old girl.

He picks Kane up and tries to carry him all the way to the stretcher on the other side of the ring, but he can’t get him on.

Out of nowhere, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton come out and attack Cena. Randy hits him with an RKO. Rollins grabs a chair, but out comes Ambrose to clear house, until Kane hits him with a choke slam.

With Kane on the outside, Cena throws the steel steps right into his skull.

Cena places Kane on the stretcher, but right as he’s about to get across the line, Kane sits up. Still, Cena gets an AA onto the stretcher and pushes it across.

Winner: John Cena

As always, thanks for following along with our coverage tonight!