Fantasy Baseball Stats: Daily All-Stars from June 18


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

After a few days dominated by the hitters, we were due for a great fantasy baseball stats day for the pitchers. Well, we got one of those, and that was before one of the best single-game pitching performances in the history of this great game.

If you were following the action Wednesday night, there’s no doubt where we’re starting today.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats MVP

Clayton Kershaw — Los Angeles Dodgers

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Not many games in the history of Major League Baseball equal this performance. Thanks to an error from Hanley Ramirez, Kershaw didn’t get a perfect game but for fantasy purposes, this was as good as any perfecto. From a real standpoint, it was better, as Kershaw really got 28 outs.

There’s not much to add here. Watching Kershaw and listening to Vin Scully made for a very enjoyable night.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats Honorable Mentions

1. John Lackey — Boston Red Sox

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Lackey has had a great year and has been especially hot of late. Even without the win, if it wasn’t for Kershaw’s performance, Lackey would have easily been the top man on today’s list.

Unfortunately for Lackey and his fantasy owners, while his team won, he couldn’t pick up a victory. That can be attributed largely to the performance of this guy.

2. Kyle Gibson — Minnesota Twins

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Hey, another pitcher that easily could have been No. 1. The guys were absolutely dealing on Wednesday, especially at Fenway.

Unlike Kershaw and Lackey, you can probably get Gibson in your fantasy league. Considering he’ll enter his next start with a 3.25 ERA and 1.17 WHIP, that may not be the worst of ideas.

3. Brian McCann — New York Yankees

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Not an easy decision for this spot, but the five RBI definitely put McCann over the top.

I was expecting more games like this from McCann this season, as he should have a swing designed for Yankee Stadium. It hasn’t quite worked out that way yet so for the sake of Yankees fans and his fantasy owners, let’s hope this gets him going.