Available Fantasy Pitchers: Waiver Wire Arms you should Grab

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

I get a lot of questions about pitchers each week. The questions are fairly normal, who to start or sit, should I drop so and so for free agent X. Well the one thing I have noticed is that they are a lot of really good, available fantasy starting pitchers that for some reason, people haven’t quite jumped on yet. Here, we look at four of them.


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Jake Arrieta is pitching quite well in 2014. He has gained the most ownership recently, which comes as no real surprise.

Nearly 10 strikeouts per nine innings pitched is not something that goes unnoticed for very long.  The chances are that he will not remain a free agent in your league for long so you need to act fast.

If he is already taken, don’t worry we’ve still got three pitchers to look at.


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Jaime Garcia is a guy that has had really good years, and then not so good years. This year could still go either way, so buyer beware.

Garcia did not start out great, but his last two starts were terrific: 14 IPs, 10Ks, 2 QSs, 0.64 ERA, 0.93 WHIP.  Those are elite type numbers so he is definitely pitching well.

He starts today in a favorable home match-up vs. the Phillies so if you’re going to act, do so quickly.


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Danny Duffy was a highly touted pitching prospect not too long ago and while he hasn’t exactly made good on his hype there is no reason he should be dismissed from your fantasy roster so easily.

Even with a BB/9 a little high for my liking, Duffy maintains a solid WHIP and respectable K/9.

He only has one good hitting team in his division to worry about and he is also riding a two great game streak.


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Kyle Gibson was also a highly touted prospect like Duffy.  Gibson has struggled to find his form after Tommy John surgery which has landed him a seat on the free agency pine.

While he doesn’t offer much in terms of K:9, he has a very respectable 8 quality starts to his name this season. Gibson also sports a 3.25 ERA and 1.17 WHIP — not bad for a guy that is just waiting to be added to your roster.

He might not be the sexiest pick of the bunch, but he also could be posed for a rise in K:9 and right now would be the time to buy in on that!


All in all, there are so pretty nice options here.  None of whom is owned in more than 40% of leagues, which is a little crazy to me.

I’d roll with anyone of these guys in my rotation rest of way, in fact I just added whichever ones were available in my various leagues, sorry league mates.

If these guys are all spoken for in your league(s), don’t panic, just be sure you don’t overpay for any of these guys in a potential trade. I know it can be tough because they are all on the rise, but you have to just wait a week and I will most likely have another set of guys you can look at.

For instance, if someone were to offer me Jake Arrieta for the struggling Justin Verlander, I would pass. Even though I think Arrieta is legit, JV has got to have a little left in the tank for a strong finish. So choose your trades wisely my friends.