Orlando city council approves Orlando Magic entertainment complex


The Orlando Magic’s goal of building a downtown entertainment complex has been achieved. Today the Orlando city Council voted unanimously in favor of the Magic’s plan to building an entertainment complex right across from the Amway Center.

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The land, with council approval, was bought back in November for 12.7 million. Afterwards the Magic created the plan for the entertainment complex. The complex will feature restaurants, shops, a conference center, and a new headquarters for the Magic’s front office members such as CEO Alex Martins.

Martins is excited for the new complex center but he also knows this is the beginning of a very long project.

"“It’s going to be a long project and from start to finish we’re probably looking at five-to-six years,” said Martins. “But we’re very excited to get started.”"

The impact this complex could have on Orlando and the Magic has infinite potential. Not only is it an extra draw to bring fans and tourists to the arena, rather than staying at home, but it allows them to attract giant events. Orlando already hosted the 2012 All Star game and the entertainment complex could allow them to host another.

However, there can be no delays according to Richard Bilbao of the Orlando Business Journal. The Magic’s complex has to be finished by 2017 if they want a real shot at another all star game anytime soon. The Orlando area had a huge economic boom thanks to the last all star game and I’m sure that had an impact on the council’s decision to approve the complex.