Will the NFL use helmet cams in games?


The Pittsburgh Steelers are using Go-Pro cameras strapped to the helmets of their players to assist the coaches, the NFL might add cameras to the helmets to assist the broadcasting networks. Earlier this month, the NFL announced through its own network that “drones” would be used to capture portions of training camp sessions to be aired on their “Inside Training Camp” programs. The question remained on helmet cams remains unanswered.

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25 years ago the World Football League used cameras in their helmet, since no one tuned in to watch the league, it’s hard to say if the camera would have been much of a success during live broadcasts. The NFL has tinkered with the idea before but have never implemented anything permanently.  The Arena Football League however has tried it.

According to the inventor of SchuttVision, JR Liverman, the broadcasting networks would love to have the additional footage available for their broadcasts. Its unknown as to how the networks would gain access to the video being shot live on the field. The camera is located between the two screws that hold the face mask to the front of the helmet.

Last season the Chicago Bears tried attaching cameras to the sides of the helmet in an effort to assist in their coaching. By seeing what the player sees, coaches can teach the player proper technique, correct reads, and can see how well a player reacts to what is in front of him.

So what might it look like to the fan? The video below shows a helmet camera used during training camp for the Kentucky Wildcats.