Rob Van Dam talks Paul Heyman, turning heel, young talent


Extreme superstar Rob Van Dam recently did an interview with Ring Rust Radio and discussed working with up and coming young talents, his in-ring persona and style and former ECW boss Paul Heyman.

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The interviewer, Donald Wood, asked Van Dam if he takes any pride in working with rising stars and seeing them succeed. Names like Cesaro and Bad News Barrett.

“I place no focus on that. If somebody is willing to take some advice, then I have some, and that’s just life in general,” he said. “A lot of people don’t want to hear anything. These guys, and everybody at WWE right now, is so good that the standard of the pro wrestler compared to maybe 10 years ago: night and day difference.

RVD also explained why he’s impressed with the new crop of talent and whether he is relevant in today’s game where young guys get the “rub” from working with him.

He added:

"I came back last year and I was so impressed. Guys that come up now through NXT, a lot of them, maybe most of them, seem to be growing up in the business and with only four or five years’ experience. They’re already 10-12 year veterans. I’m more happy, with the caliber rising, that I can still get in there with my style and ability and still be relevant with the new age of wrestlers coming up just like it was back then.So, are they getting a rub from wrestling with me? Probably so, but these guys, I don’t feel like they need me. These guys have a great future and are heading to the top with or without wrestling Rob Van Dam, they just might have a few more bruises after wrestling me."

It’s no secret that there’s history between Van Dam and today’s top manager, Heyman.

The two rose to fame in Heyman’s ECW, known for death defying stunts and shock value, which at the time was the anti-WWE.

RVD has crossed paths with Heyman recently in interactions with Cesaro.

Thanks to those interactions, he discussed  linking up with Heyman as a client and if there’s a heel turn on the horizon.

“Of course, whenever I’m working with him to any degree, I have to consider the possibility that some writers may be thinking of that idea just like you are,” RVD added. “I would be open to considering anything, but I really do enjoy being a fan favorite, someone that gets the positive energy from the fans and all the love from those who are wrestling fans: guys my age, kids, women, whatever.

“I like that I have that appeal, and I like the love. That would be something, even within the parameters of entertainment, switching to bad guy, that those guys would put up with. All the negative energy that would occur if I were to switch. That would be something that has value to me, but besides that, of course I’d love to work with Paul.”

The rest of the interview can be read here.