Uruguay’s Luis Suarez bites an Italian player (GIF)

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Liverpool striker Luis Suarez started the 2013-14 Premier League season on a suspension for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic. The entire 2013-14 season after that was a campaign by Suarez to rectify his image.

Suarez was on his best behavior, led the league in goals and won a handful of individual awards.

It doesn’t look like Suarez’s behavior is behind him, and he apparently bit Giorgio Chiellini. Video angles were inconclusive, but it certainly looks like Suarez bit Chiellini.

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It would be the third time in Suarez’s career that he has bitten a player, and all the hype and transfer news around him might be dying down in the wake of Suarez potentially biting yet another player.

Surely FIFA will look at all the camera angles to determine whether or not it was a bite. That means a suspension could be coming, which would hurt Uruguay’s chances.

Chiellini certainly pleaded for the referee to take action and even moved his shirt over to show bite marks to try and prove that Suarez bit him.

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And a close up:

Chiellin showing the bite marks:

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Video from ESPN:

Getty Images has some remarkable photos of the incident as well, scroll through to see.

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