Bill Simmons fist pumps after Celtics draft pick (Video)


The 2014 NBA Draft is underway on Thursday night and everyone was waiting for the Bill Simmons freak out moment like last year’s.

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For the most part it never came, Simmons was his usual self and didn’t have any horrible objections to draft picks. Simmons is a noted Boston Celtics fan and he wasn’t totally against Marcus Smart being drafted by the Celtics, even though they have Rajon Rondo already as a point guard.

With their 17th pick the Celtics took Kentuck shooting guard James Young, and Simmons celebrated with a fist pump. Simmons thought the cameras weren’t on him when he was caught celebrating.

Simmons looks like he says “Whoops, sorry about that.” Afterwards when talking about it Simmons said he was already preparing himself for it to be uploaded to YouTube.

That is so 2012 Bill Simmons, we have Vine in 2014. Of course the knock against Simmons is that he doesn’t hide his fandom, like other analysts or journalists aren’t fans of teams. If anything he is the only one being open and honest about his fandom.

You think all these other journalists grew up not rooting for a particular team, or while at school they train that out of you?

Anyways, watch Simmons first pump.

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