Gregory Polanco launches huge home run (Video)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

It may or may not be fair to give young outfielder Gregory Polanco the credit for the recent upswing from the Pittsburgh Pirates, but his presence on the roster has certainly played a part.

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Entering Thursday night’s action Polanco was batting .323/.397/.385 with one home run and three stolen bases. Having already enjoyed a lengthy hitting streak to start his big league career, Polanco has also witnessed a winning stretch that has the Pirates one game over .500 after a 5-2 win over the Mets.

This latest win came thanks in large part to Polanco and a mighty home run that he blasted to the right field seats. As we start to get used to the visual of Polanco doing things on a big league field, it is hard not to be struck by how smooth everything is for the 22-year-old. This home run is a great example.

That is not to take away from his bat speed or the force on this swing. Polanco hit this ball hard to launch it that far, but he did so with an ease that you rarely see. It is easy to identify why he was such a highly touted prospect and why the future is so bright for him and the Pirates.

You can check out video of Polanco’s home run against the Mets below, courtesy of