Judge refuses to dismiss Yasiel Puig court case


Yasiel Puig, arguably the most exciting player in baseball, is involved in something that has nothing to do with his baseball career.

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A judge today refused Puig’s request to dismiss a lawsuit filed against him. Puig has been accused as being at fault for why, the man accusing him, was imprisoned and tortured in Cuba.

Puig defected from Cuba to Mexico back in 2012. From there he made his way to the United States to play Major League Baseball with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The defection required a long journey that ESPN the Magazine went into extensively in a feature. In the feature they discuss human trafficking, murder, and money.

"“I’m aware of the recent articles and news accounts. I understand that people are curious and have questions, but I will have no comment on this subject. I’m represented on this matter, and I’m only focused on being a productive teammate and helping the Dodgers win games,” Puig said in a statement in April.”"

Puig’s trial has been set for November, 2014. The baseball season should be over by then, leaving an entire offseason of speculation and news about Puig and his trial.

This trial is going to be very serious and it’s smart of Puig to not have any comments on the matter until everything has taken course. For now, his best course of action is to keep playing baseball.

Right now, Puig is doing just that. He’s having a great year batting .313, 11 home runs, 45 RBI’s and of course a few highlight reel catches.