Crawford vs. Gamboa results: Terence Crawford stops Yuriorkis Gamboa via KO in 9th to retain WBO lightweight title (GIFs)

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Saturday night, the WBO lightweight champion Terence Crawford went into his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska to defend his belt against Yoriurkis Gamboa, and in the 9th round, he proved why he’s the champ by knocking out Gamboa, effectively handing him his first loss, while at the same time, keeping his own record unblemished.

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Round 1: Crawford comes out quick in his hometown and tosses the first jab. With about two minutes left in the round, Gamboa went for the KO right, but missed. Crawford definitely lands more blows in the round, but as it comes to a close, Gamboa starts to get a little more aggressive. With under 30 seconds in the round, Crawford tags him with a right hand on the inside. All Crawford in that one.

Round 2: Immediately out of the gate Crawford catches him with a right to the head. Crawford just completely out boxing Gamboa through the first two rounds, it’s easy to tell Gamboa has been out of the ring for a year. Near the end of the round, Gamboa does land a nice shot to the body. He may have actually won the round toward the end.

Round 3: Gamboa definitely looks more confident starting this round than he did the first two, given how well he ended the second. With under 1:30 to go, the two land some equal jabs on one another, but Gamboa is definitely starting to pick up some steam. He’s starting to work that left hand a lot more, and for the most part, it’s working. Right at the bell, the two trade some more stiff shots at the end. That round was definitely Gamboa.

Round 4: Crawford starts chopping with that right hand now. With under a minute to go, Crawford landed a solid left hand to Gamboa’s chin, but it didn’t seem to phase the challenger. There was a lot more aggressiveness from Crawford in that round.

Round 5:

Gamboa has a welt opening up on the right eye. Crawford staggers Gamboa with a right hand and then drops him with the left. We have our first knockdown of the fight. Crawford then goes on an onslaught, tagging Gamboa even more and nearly knocking him down again, but Gamboa gets saved by the bell. He might be out, though.

Round 6:

Crawford keeps switching from right-handed to southpaw, but it’s working. Gamboa looks shaky, but he’s able to protect himself well enough to not hit the canvas again. He gets through this one, giving himself a little more time to regroup.

Round 7: Gamboa looks like he’s got his legs back now. He’s slipping all over the place, but it’s his own corner’s fault because they’re dousing him with water in between rounds for some reason. He’s getting distracted as he keeps looking down. And of course, he looks down and Crawford pops him with a right. In contrast to the first few rounds, Gamboa looks like he’s going through the motions.

Round 8: After little action, Gamboa tries to get aggressive again, but Crawford immediately drops him again for the second knockdown of the bout. Right before the bell hits, Crawford blasts him with a right one more time.

Round 9:

Crawford lands a solid uppercut right after the round begins. Crawford’s legs are starting to look a bit wobbly, he might have gotten caught quickly by Gamboa when he was switching positions. Crawford drops him one more time with a stiff left. He drops him again, and that’s it, it’s over. Terence Crawford stops Yoriurkis Gamboa in the 9th round.

Winner: Terence Crawford via KO