Kurt Angle cuts promo, ‘reboots’ TNA


After becoming a running joke for many wrestling fans, it seems like TNA wrestling may have some optimism coming its way, according to Kurt Angle.

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On this past week’s Impact Wrestling, both Dixie Carter and MVP were removed from their positions in power in favor of Angle. After Angle was announced as the new authority figure (only on-screen) he cut a promo that hit close to home for a lot of longtime TNA fans.

During the promo, Angle essentially said the company would be rebooted, as they plan on bringing back familiar aspects of TNA that fans loved. Angle mentioned AJ Styles and the Motor City Machine Guns among names in which fans embraced. Ironically, neither of the acts are in TNA, as the company entered cost cutting mode and let Chris Sabin and AJ Styles walk away.

He also said TNA is bringing back the six-sided ring in which they employed for years, until the Hulk Hogan-Eric Bischoff regime removed it in favor of a traditional four-sided ring. Despite roster members publicly criticizing the change, TNA moved forward with the swap at their television tapings in New York.

TNA currently has all of their TV shows, including a Destination X special taped through the beginning of August, and by all accounts, have been good shows. The environment of the Manhattan Center, among other things, should help how it comes across on TV.

Many criticized TNA for bringing in the likes of former WWE talents Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky to the tapings, but it turns out they were only short-term roster members. It also appears that the heavily criticized Dixie Carter has been wrote off TV as well.

Are these changes too little, too late, or can TNA rebound after using up almost all of their goodwill with the fans? Time will tell.

You can see the full promo below: