Mick Foley says Bray Wyatt reminds him of himself


In an interview with USA Today, Mick Foley said that Bray Wyatt is one of the performers in WWE who reminds him of himself, among other things he spoke of. High praise from the former WWE champion.

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The interview tackled several topics, including Foley’s career, and his opinion on departed WWE superstars, and his favorites in the company.

When asked about what he felt his finest match was, Foley said “My finest match is probably in 2004 against Randy Orton at Backlash. It was a personal triumph for me, I had come back after four years out of the ring and I kind of let myself down. I had the perfect opportunity (at WrestleMania XX) in Madison Square Garden teaming up with The Rock against Evolution, and I just kind of dropped the ball. I didn’t give the performance that I should have, and the next month I came back and redeemed myself. It was a match of personal redemption. It’s not one that I talk about very often on stage, but that’s my personal favorite.”

Foley was also asked about the never-ending topic regarding a possible CM Punk return. Foley didn’t seem to be optimistic about the possibility, saying “There’s no telling. He marches to the beat of his own drummer. I will say he doesn’t respond to me. I used to be able to reach out to him. I think he’s just cut off all communication with people from the business, and if he comes back, it’ll be on his own terms, and I respect that.”

And while he’s had his much publicized spats with the WWE, he hasn’t stopped watching the show, noting Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and Bray Wyatt as favorites: “There are a few people. Bray Wyatt reminds me of myself. He’s one of my favorite guys. He’s really a mesmerizing interview, and he makes great use of his physical talents. He definitely makes the most out of his unusual frame. Love to hear him cut a promo. I love CM Punk’s work on the microphone and in the ring. Daniel Bryan has just been a phenomenon, I hope he heals up and comes back at 100%. Dolph Ziggler, he’s unheralded, hopefully he’ll get another run. There’s so many good wrestlers on the rise. I just saw an NXT match between Natalya Neidhart and Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte that was just off the charts.”