MLB Rumors: Arizona Diamondbacks looking for starting pitching, outfielders in trades

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As part of the retooling process that took place under the current regime for the Arizona Diamondbacks, the team decided to trade young, cost-controlled outfielders like Justin Upton and Adam Eaton. They also traded young starting pitchers like Trevor Bauer and Tyler Skaggs.

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Now that their plan with their current roster has officially bottomed out, the Diamondbacks have come to grips with the reality that they will be sellers at this year’s trade deadline. Their main targets? Young outfielders and starting pitching. If you think that feels circular, you’re right. If this feels like the Diamondbacks admitting their mistakes in the last few years, that is probably right too.

Here is what general manager Kevin Towers had to say about the situation (quotes from

"“If you are looking at need, it is probably starting pitching and the outfield,” Towers said. “You want the best players, but if you have to wait a year or a year and a half for a better player, you do. You move toward getting the best player available.”"

Towers also admitted that the team will need to seek deals that shed some payroll.

"“It’s all part of the equation,” Towers said. “When a ball club is 15 games under .500, it’s going to affect attendance. The performance affects attendance. It puts us behind what our projections were. Dollars are part of the equation. That said, it is not all about saving money.”"

The Diamondbacks picked the wrong time to overhaul their roster to win now; the presence of the Los Angeles Dodgers was going to make it hard on any National League West team. Timing was only part of the problem however, as the suspect quality of the moves played a part as well.

The combination of those factors pushed the Diamondbacks to this status, ready to sell at the deadline and start over.