Jaguars proclaim ‘not everything is bigger in Texas’ on new billboard


The Jacksonville Jaguars have a rich history of, of, well, nothing really. It does pain me however to mention that I am a Miami Dolphins fan so the Jaguars will always be near and dear to the dark side of my heart thanks to their drubbing of Dan Marino in his last game.

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Sorry, not going to remind myself of the score.

Aside from that and a couple of years where they looked pretty good, the Jaguars have not had a lot to boast about. Until now.

The Jaguars announced earlier this year that they were going to install new high-definition video boards that would be the largest in the NFL. The stadium is set to debut the boards at a soccer game and country music concert soon. They apparently felt the need to take a quick swipe at a team that does have a lot of rich history, not of late, the Dallas Cowboys.

A new billboard on I-95 and I-10 declares “Not everything is bigger in Texas”. This a direct swipe at the Dallas Cowboys stadium that boasts two large hanging video boards over the stadium’s field.

It’s all good natured fun for everyone who doesn’t live in Texas. I know I lived there and there is something about Texas that can’t be explained. In 5th, 6th, and 7th grades it was mandated you take Texas history, not U.S. history, Texas history.

The Texas flag is as popular as the American Flag…not being unpatriotic but it is. My own son was born in Rockwall, Tx. and lived there until the age of two. He now lives in North Carolina and makes it known at every opportunity that he is a “Texan”. I swear it’s in their blood!

So while the billboard is fun and is giving the city of Jacksonville a little bit of pride, I have to imagine that somewhere in Texas, someone is already planning to install a video board that is larger than the 362-by-60 feet board at Everbank Field.

Knowing Texas, it will be a high-school in the middle of nowhere and a billboard will great travelers saying, “yes, it is.”