Milwaukee Bucks fire Larry Drew


What. A. Mess. The Milwaukee Bucks were already the worst team in the NBA and now they have created plenty of unnecessary drama by trading two first-round picks to the Brooklyn Nets for Jason Kidd.

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Kidd will now become the head coach of the Bucks, and many believe he could have a front-office position down the line.

There was one problem, however.

Despite trading for Jason Kidd, the Bucks still had Larry Drew as their head coach.

Well, not anymore.

AFTER the Bucks completed a deal that sends two second-round picks to the Nets for Kidd, the team called a meeting with Drew to inform him that he has been fired.

While the news was in the headlines about a potential deal between the Nets and Bucks, you would expect the franchise to have enough professionalism to inform their current coach if a deal was being worked on.

That doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Drew was told nothing about the ongoing negotiations.

This is a bad look for the Bucks franchise and Kidd should not be talking with a team that already has a coach in place.

It was a complete and utter debacle by all parties involved and it would be appropriate for everyone to feel a little bit of shame.