MLB Trade Deadline: Impact of Yoenis Cespedes in Boston

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Yoenis Cespedes is headed to Boston, Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes are headed to Oakland.  It is trade deadline time my friends!

Judging by a text exchange I had with Dixon this morning I think he and I are on the same page. In real life, neither of us get this trade a whole lot. But in terms of fantasy baseball, we like it, a lot. That’s the nice thing about this site. We’re fantasy players, so who cares about real life?

So, what does this do for Cespedes? While I do not exactly think that Oakland was hampering Cespedes’ approach at the plate so much, I think he will thrive in Boston.  Yoenis is built for the big stage, he has superstar written all over him.

Cespedes did not fit in with the “Moneyball” A’s, but the A’s aren’t exactly “Moneyball” anymore.  I mean sure they are doing it with a lesser budget still, but they aren’t the island of misfit toys Billy Beane once had. With an expiring contract, a trade was likely. Fantasy owners were likely just hoping a trade would land Yoenis in a favorable situation. Well, it did!

Cespedes is unlikely to develop into a balanced superstar hitter, so going to a place that he can gain an uptick in the home run department is prime.

As for 2014, this is Cespedes’ current pace.

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I think that Cespedes will see an uptick across the board, though not a big upgrade in any specific area.  You might be thinking, “but what about leaving O.Co Coliseum for Fenway??”  Isn’t he leaving a pitcher’s paradise for a launching pad?

Perception wise, yes, but that is not exactly how they have played this year. According to ESPN HR park factors, O.Co sits at .997 and Fenway has played at a .698. So, maybe not such a huge upgrade. Also Cespedes will not likely slide into the cleanup spot on his new team right away. Even with those things working against Cespedes, I think he still ends up better than he is projected as of right now.

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Any owner should be more than happy.

Even still, if Cespedes can snake into the heart of the order sooner rather than later, his fantasy owners will have more reason for optimism.

Cespedes could be a monster hitting in between Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz. Cespedes would also get some games in New York, Toronto, and Baltimore.

He’s a solid play down the stretch.