Phoenix Suns eyeing sign and trade for Rajon Rondo?

The Phoenix Suns are trying to work things out with embattled point guard Eric Bledsoe, and so far progress has been slow. That being said, there has been progress made, which is an encouraging for fans who want to see the guard back next season.

But just like how Batman shows up whenever there’s a crime, Rajon Rondo’s name pops up anytime a team mentions problems with the point guard position. This is the case now with the Suns as a possible solution being kicked around rumor circles involves the Suns getting Rondo — because that helps, somehow.

According to NBA scribe Chuck Myron, the Phoenix Suns may want to find a way to work things out with Eric Bledsoe, but trading for Rajon Rondo won’t be a solution to any of the current problems.

Nah, I don’t see that. I don’t think Bledsoe is on Phoenix’s bad side, by the way. I think Phoenix is getting on Bledsoe’s nerves, but not the other way around. I’d be surprised if Bledsoe didn’t end up back with the Suns.

Bledsoe will more than likely be back with the Suns this upcoming season but the situation is far from being settled. There were extremely hurt feelings on the side of Bledsoe not that long ago as he felt the Suns were just toying with him for no good reason. There were obvious good reasons — Beldsoe’s talent and the luxury tax being among them — but the two sides will more than likely work things out and Rondo will go back to being rumored with all the other teams in the NBA like usual.