Clayton Kershaw becomes first Dodger to win 11 straight decisions since 1985

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Clayton Kershaw pitched yet another great game.  No, this is not a repeat of five days ago.  That is just how the season is going for the Dodgers’ ace.

Today, Kershaw won his 11th straight decision in a 5-1 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.  Kershaw has not lost since May 28th against the Reds.  His 11 straight winning decisions is the longest for the Dodgers since Orel Hershiser won 11 straight in 1985.

The Dodger record is held by Dazzy Vance.  Vance won 15 straight decisions way back in 1924.

Kershaw has now allowed three runs or less in his last 15 starts.  In fact, the only game in which he has allowed more than three runs was the seven run meltdown that he suffered on May 17th at Chase Field against the Diamondbacks.

Since that game, he has given up 15 runs combined.  In 15 starts.

With the win today, Kershaw ran his record to 14-2 on the season, and lowered his ERA to a microscopic 1.78 on the season.  That said, his six strikeouts today were the fewest since that May 17th game in Phoenix.

Kershaw missed the entire month of April with an injury.  Where would his numbers be if he had played all season?

More fun tidbits from Kershaw’s impressive season: He allowed 13 runs in the month of May.  He has allowed 13 runs is all of the other months combined.  He has not gone less than seven innings since June 8th.  He has had seven scoreless outings in 19 starts, including his no hitter in which he struck out 15 batters.  This prompted some to call it the best game ever pitched.

Will we ever see another season like this again?  They seem to come along about once a generation!