Phil Mickelson apparently gives huge tips

In an article by Golf Digest, it’s been made apparent that Phil Mickelson gives some fat tips to locker room attendants, waiters and waitresses and hostesses as well as other service workers.

After Mickelson’s worst collapse in his career when he made a double bogey at the 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot and lost by one stroke, he apparently carried on to be one of the nicest guys ever, tipping staff members at Winged Foot large amounts of money even $1,000-$1,500 tips which estimated to around $10,000 in tips for the week from just Mickelson. According to Golf Digest , Mickelson even turned his car around after he left because he realized he had forgotten to tip many of the locker room attendants.

The PGA Tour has strong rules in the tipping department and each tour player is briefed on what is expected for tipping. The tour’s official tournament regulations say that players are required to tip locker-room attendants a minimum of $50 for the week. In a 156-player field, that comes to at least $7,800 divided among the handful of attendants clubs usually employ. The attendants are given a list of the players in the field and if a player forgets to tip, the attendants notify the tour and the tour makes sure the tip is delivered.

According to Golf Digest, the stories of Phil Mickelson tipping in large amounts are countless. The 44-year-old, five major championship winning golf superstar has made over $75 million in purses on the PGA Tour and his off course income is nearly $50 million per year.

Mickelson has been reported to tip little girls lemonade stands over $100, and tip hostesses for seating him at an empty restaurant over $300. Can he afford it? Absolutely. Does he have to over-tip? No. This makes Phil both rich and classy, a great combination in the golf world.