Fantasy Baseball Stats: Daily All-Stars from September 15


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Less than two weeks are left in the regular season. The head to head playoffs are underway. So, now more than ever it’s important to know who’s putting up the top fantasy baseball stats.

Today, we got a pretty even split from hitters and pitchers, with one of the game’s more underrated pitchers twirling an absolute gem.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats MVP

Andrew Cashner — San Diego Padres

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One of my Dixon’s Picks this weekJerome Williams — threw well, very well on Monday. Cashner was better, throwing one of the best games of the year against the Phillies.

I do worry about how many innings that Cashner will have over a full year, as this was his first year as a full time starter and he missed some substantial time. But this is two years in a row where he’s been one of the best pitchers in the game when on the mound. There’s some definitely value potential in 2015.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats Honorable Mentions

1. Mark Trumbo — Arizona Diamondbacks

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He had a nice overall game Monday, but took advantage of a bad pitch from Ryan Vogelsong — the other Dixon’s Picks guy who pitched on Monday. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Do not be surprised if this guy really gets it going over the final two weeks. Between injuries and overall inconsistency, I’m not sure that he’ll ever be a top fantasy guy, but he’s got the power to put up some monster fantasy baseball stats in the short term.

2. Miguel Cabrera — Detroit Tigers

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Obviously the one RBI means that Miggy’s Detroit teammates didn’t get on base for him on Monday against the Twins. But once he got on, they had no problem driving him in, and he got around the bases well enough.

It’s been something of a down year for Cabrera, at least in terms of homers. But he’s still on pace to hit 25 bombs, score more than 100 runs, and already has more than 100 driven in. Mix all that in with a .313 batting average, and he’s having a nice little down year.

3. Stephen Strasburg — Washington Nationals

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Man. Only 90 pitches? I guess at this point of the year, the Nationals are setting things up for the playoffs, so I can’t be too upset. I still wish they’d let this guy pitch a little more, because he’s truly one of the more talented pitchers in the game. He got a nice measure of revenge against the Braves on Monday after they beat last week.

The talent is undeniable with this guy. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him as one of the top five fantasy pitchers in the game next year.